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At salon of curls we work with Deva Curl products, a more natural and botanical approach to hair. Your hair needs moisture more than anything else; we will gently cleanse your scalp with our no-silicone cleansing conditioner, then immerse your locks in a rich moisture restoring conditioner. This hydration treatment will help to clarify old product off of your scalp and leave you feeling fresh and fabulous. As always, your hydration treatment will be followed by a naturally curly styling session to accentuate the natural beauty of your curls.

Consultations with Hydration Treatment and Prescription


We use an array of more natural scalp treatment techniques to revitalize your scalp and bring it back to life. Combining essential oils with our botanical product line, we massage out the tension and neutralize and product residue on your scalp to leave you feeling rejuvenated and renewed!

Hydration Lessons/Scalp Treatments


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