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Dry Shaping

Kym is a master curly stylist, and she will work with you to grow out a bad hair cut, create a new look, improve the style you have now, and learn to embrace your curly locks. After you arrive with your hair dry and naturally curly, Kym will carefully dry cut each individual curl and help you to achieve a cascade of hydrated and luscious locks.

: 2 Appointments (Initial and Follow-up)

Initial Appointment (Please come in with dry, culry hair)

Consultation: We'll educate you about your hair.

Dry hair cut/shaping.

Hydration treatment, complete with product prescription.

Follow up appointment (Within a 7-14 days) 


• Dry shaping check-up
• Scalp and hair hydration treatment
• Follow up product lesson with more love and coaching

Special Price: $150


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